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Videos! Wale – "My Sweetie" + "Pretty Girls"

Wale – My Sweetie (directed by tabi Bonney) from tabi Bonney on Vimeo.

I’m so glad this song got a video. This is absolutely one of my favorite Wale songs. I remember my first listen – that bass line fish hooked my lip and pulled me towards the sun. It’s got such a feel-good influence and I believe Wale sounds best over these live, energetic beats.

Saw it at The Maguire

Also, I guess I should post the “Pretty Girls” video too.


New! Wale – "Bed Rock Freestyle"

More from Wale. This time he goes over Young Money’s “Bedrock”.

Wale – “Bed Rock Freestyle” | YouSendIt

Just wanted to let you guys know that I (Frank Ramz) will be on the In The Loop Radio show tonight..should be on @ around 8pm EST. Check it out on


New! Wale – "The Meeting"

Aaaaannnnnddddd we have some more new Wale! This one is called “The Meeting” & it’s produced by Osinachi.

So in the spring of 2007, I suggested to Wale that he create an audio manifesto of what he wanted to accomplish as an artist once he signed. DC producer Osinachi, the maestro behind “Nike Boots” who is now part of Rodney Jerkins’ team, blessed Wale with the beat for “The Meeting” and Wale, how do you say, “went in.” This became the first track we played in label meetings and for a time, it was discussed that this would be the intro for Attention Deficit. In retrospect, I think Wale stayed true to the goals set forth in “The Meeting” and you can still hear the hunger in his voice. So 2.5 years later, this track is emancipated. – elitaste

Wale – “The Meeting” | YouSendIt

Bonus: Got another joint over Kanye’s “Stronger” instrumental, this one w/ Playboy Tre, Bobby Ray & Swagg.

Playboy Tre, Bobby Ray & Swagg – “Stronger” | Mediafire


New! Wale – "Stronger"

He did Timb’s “Say Something“, then Hov’s “Thank You“, now he’s on Kanye’s “Stronger”.

Wale – “Stronger”| YouSendIt


New! Wale – "Thank You"

Am I the only one who is feeling these out-of-nowhere freestyle type joints more than most of Wale’s album? What makes Wale stand out to me is that live flow. I’d love to hear him on an album with a live band, one take, no big name producers trying to make a hit. Maybe that’s just me though. Here’s his latest that he just put out on his Twitter over Jay-Z’s “Thank You” beat.

Wale – Thank You | YouSendIt


New! Wale – "Say Something Freestyle"

Wale decides to go in over Timbo’s “Say Something” instrumental. Don’t know if I said this here, but I said it somewhere….this beat sucks platypus nuts to me! Spotted @ Re-Up Spot.

Wale – “Say Something Freestyle” | YouSendIt


Manila Killa – "Good Girls In Mars" (Wale vs. Fake Blood)

Manila Killa is a group out of the US and Philippines. They hit me up with some mash-ups and this one stood out. We already know that Wale can sound nice over some electro production – remember “D.A.N.C.E.”? Well, Manila Killa takes that lesson and stretches it a little further with this Fake Blood mash up. Check it out.

Manila Killa – Good Girls in Mars | YouSendIt