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Video + MP3! R.Kelly Talks About "Pregnant"

I was interested to see what Kellz had to say about this. The song is so ridiculous, and the fact that a man that has been through what R.Kelly has been through would even think about putting out a song with this lyrical content is almost unbelievable. But instead of really saying anything about the lyrics, R.Kelly casually discusses how he thought up the chorus, then a verse, then wrote two other verses, then let The-Dream write his own verse. Thanks to Yardie.

He should at least say “Woman, you make me wanna get you pregnant” instead of using the word “girl”. Oh well. Cant’ lie, the songs in my iTunes. Check it out below if you haven’t already.

R.Kelly ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke, The-Dream – Pregnant


R.Kelly ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke & The-Dream – "Pregnant"

Did this really happen? The unfinished version leaked a while. Here is the complete version with Robin Thicke and The-Dream joining the fun. I. just. don’t. know. Thanks to Lowkey.

Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant
Lay your body down and get you pregnant (knock you up)
Pregnant (knock you up)

R.Kelly ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke & The-Dream – Pregnant | YouSendIt


New! The-Dream – This Is Hot (Reference Track)

It’s funny to hear these reference tracks The-Dream does for female artists. This one is for Adrienne Bailon, and has The-Dream singing “‘Cause I know I’m hot, and I know he sees it.” But you can’t really make fun of the guy who’s got Christina Milian wifed up and preggers. Congratulations to them! Thanks to Mr.X.

The-Dream – This Is Hot
| ZShare


Video! Jamie Foxx Ft. Drake, The-Dream & Kanye West – "Digital Girl" (Remix)

I was just watching this on BET’s Access Granted (haven’t watch BET in ages). If you missed it (which you most likely have) here it is! Beat switches up in the video during Kanye’s verse, kind of dope!
Mp3 below as well!

Jamie Foxx Ft. Drake, The-Dream & Kanye West – Digital Girl (Remix)

While we are kind of on the topic of Drake, below is the track listing for his retail release of *So Far Gone*, which will be released on September 15 along with Cudi’s *Man On The Moon*. Not sure if this is going to be the actual album artwork, but the track listing is a definite. Now correct me if I’m mistaken, *SFG* had about 17 cuts & was free! Now on this version, which will be for sale, there are only 6 of those 17 songs on it and one extra cut called “Fear”. Huh??


New! The-Dream – "Can’t Wait To Hate U" + "Rainman"

Thanks to Rivas for the heads up on this one!

This first joint, “Can’t Wait To Hate U” is a reference song for Mariah Carey which is supposed to be on her upcoming album, *Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel*. This is her 12th full length album; DAMN!

The second joint is The-Dream basically covering Jamie Foxx’s cut “Rainman” which was on his last album, *Intuition*.

The-Dream – “Can’t Wait To Hate U” (MC Reference)

The-Dream – “Rainman” (Jamie Foxx Cover)

Now that I think about it, this “Rainman” cover may be old. The-Dream probably wrote that song for Jamie (as he did a few others on that album) and recorded this a while back; but it’s just surfacing now.


Video! Mariah Carey – "Obsessed"

I posted a picture of MC dressed up as Eminem not too long ago.
Here is the full video for her song “Obsessed”!


Mariah Carey…WTF?

So Mariah Carey teamed up w/ The-Dream to make this cut dissing Eminem called “Obsessed”. Kind of OK track, & she went in on Em, but that’s not why I’m posting this.

I’m posting this because of the above the picture. MC is working on, or probably finished with, the video for this record. In the video, she will obviously be portraying Eminem. LMAO! Check out the track below for those of you who haven’t heard it.

Mariah Carey Ft. The-Dream – “Obsessed”

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