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Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West – "Anyone But Him" (Revised)

Here’s a new version of Mr. Hudson’s single “Anyone But Him” featuring Mr. West. The version is a little crisper and features some nice guitar touches and the synths are way less 80’s. This one is much sharper than the original mix, so go ahead and download this and delete your old one. Thanks to Tyler for this one.

Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West – Anyone But Him (Revised) | YouSendIt


Video! Jay-Z Ft. Mr. Hudson – "Young Forever"

Here’s the visual for Young Forever by Jay-Z, featuring Mr. Hudson.

Props to ItsRap.


Video! Mr. Hudson – "White Lies"

Mr Hudson – White Lies from MrHudson on Vimeo.

Here’s the visual for Mr. Hudson’s latest single “White Lies”! His LP, *Straight No Chaser* will be out on October 12th!!


Mr. Hudson – "Supernova" (Live With String Quartet)

If you’re going to remove Yeezy from a song, you’d better have something good to replace him. In this case, Mr. Hud subtracts the Yeezy aspect from a live version of Supernova and adds a motherfucking string quartet. Well played. Saw it at P&R.

Mr. Hudson – Supernova (Live With String Quartet) |

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New! Mr. Hudson – "White Lies"

Here’s a not so new joint from Mr. Hudson. Well, it’s new to me! This is definitely a dope record from Sir Hudson. The production is on point; gives off a nice vibe! More ill sh!t from the good folks @ G.O.O.D.!

Mr. Hudson – “White Lies” [CDQ] |


Mr. Hudson – Anyone But Him (ft. Kanye West)

Welcome back, Mr. Hudson. Another one from Straight No Chaser, out in October. Not bad, but from Mr. Hudson and Mr. West? I expected a little more. With all the talk about an album sampler (too lazy to search for it), not 100% sure that these leaks are actual full, finished songs. Still very excited to hear the rest of this album. There are a few snippets going around that sound craaazy.

Mr. Hudson – Anyone But Him (ft. Kanye West)


Mr. Hudson – "Everything Is Broken" ft KiD CuDi

7/6/09 = International Leak Your Shit Day.

Here’s a track from Mr. Hudson’s highly anticipated Straight No Chaser. Word on the street (when I say “street” I mean “internet”) is that the entire album sampler is out. This track is labeled with that sampler tag, so I’m not sure if this is complete, or just meant as a teaser. The album is due in October. Thanks to DatNewCudi and ItsARap for the heads up.

Mr. Hudson – Everything Is Broken ft. KiD CuDi |