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Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West – "Anyone But Him" (Revised)

Here’s a new version of Mr. Hudson’s single “Anyone But Him” featuring Mr. West. The version is a little crisper and features some nice guitar touches and the synths are way less 80’s. This one is much sharper than the original mix, so go ahead and download this and delete your old one. Thanks to Tyler for this one.

Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West – Anyone But Him (Revised) | YouSendIt


New! Kanye West – "What It Is" (Demo)

I’m hearing that the 1st verse in this joint is old; from a different song, but idc…it’s new to my ears. Rather fresh if I must say so as well. The 2nd verse he’s rapping gibberish but it’s not bad. Reminds me of “Gibberish” by Ryan Leslie. Seems to me like he didn’t have a 2nd verse & began freestyling as the beat continued playing. & it clearly isn’t finished. Check it out!

Kanye West – “What It Is” | YouSendIt


Video! G.O.O.D. Gone B.A.D.

Well not really good gone bad, but the good folks of G.O.O.D. music seem a little upset. Looks like it’s some shady sh*t going on behind the scenes that we don’t get to see. Above you see Kanye & below is Cudi.


New! Teriyaki Boyz Ft. Jay-Z – "Living The Life" (Remix)

Here’s a joint off of the Teriyaki Boyz *Delicious Japanese* album, called “Living The Life”. But someone decided to throw a recycled Hov verse on this mofo! & below is the final version of their song called “Teriya-King” which features Kanye & Big Sean. Props to NR.

Teriyaki Boyz Ft. Jay-Z – “Living The Life” | YouSendIt

Teriyaki Boyz Ft. Kanye West & Big Sean – “Teriya-King” | YouSendIt


New! Cassidy Ft. Kanye West – "Drink & My 2 Step" (Yakub Season Remix)

Yakub is back with another dope remix. Last time he laced Prodigy’s “Keep It Thoro“, this time he does it to Cassidy’s “Drink & My 2 Step” remix featuring Kanye! Check it out!

Cassidy Ft. Kanye West – “Drink & My 2 Step” (Yakub Season Remix) | Mediafire


New! Common – "Start The Show" (Extended Version)

Just like “Strange Fruit“, this extended version of Common’s “Start The Show” didn’t make the *Finding Forever* cut. But it’s dope none the less! Produced by Mr. West in case ya didn’t know already.

You can tell it wasn’t finished as well cause the chorus that Kanye says isn’t even layed down on it yet. Props to Marty.

Common – “Start The Show” (Extended Version) | YouSendIt


30 Seconds To Mars ft. Kanye West – "Hurricane"

Frontman Jared Leto has been a Kanye fan for a while and this collaboration has been a long time in the making. Apparently while Ye and Leto were in the studio working on this Brandon Flowers of The Killers stopped in (the proof is above). He ended up playing the keyboard with the two, but I’m not sure if that ended up in this song. The track sounds kind of like if Kanye West and Jared Leto found out the world was going to end and then their girlfriends dumped them.

Here’s what Jared had to say: “This is Kanye singing. I happen to think he has a really great voice. I like his voice a lot. My favorite is when he sings, as opposed to rapping, and I told him that as well, that I really liked him as a singer. But the Auto-Tune thing doesn’t really bug me.”

30 Seconds To Mars ft. Kanye West – Hurricane | YouSendIt

Thanks to Henri.