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Three In One! Juke Dem Hos, Best At It, 1901 remix!

When I started P&P I used to do these multiple song posts a lot. Over time, I’ve cut back on them. I don’t know why. If you haven’t figured it out, there’s no real “planning”, “organization”, or “thought” put into this blog. Haha, jokes. But seriously…

These tracks are all good enough to get their own post, but they’ve all ended up cold and huddled on my desktop. Grab them all, muhfucka.

Electro and raunchy hip-hop. How could you not? Art above is thanks to these guys. (And no, I didn’t censor it. It came like that. I would never do that to you guys.)

Stereoheroes ft. Mic Terror – Juke Dem Hos | ZShare

I know, you’ve heard a lot of “1901” remixes. I know, you’ve heard a lot of shitty “1901” remixes. This one does it right. Right enough that months after the initial hype, this song feels fresher than Subway. (Fuckin’ love Subway. It really is always fresh. You can tell by the smell of the shops.)

Phoenix – 1901 (Fredrick Carlsson Remix) | ZShare

Freeway and Joell are both spitters, but unlike a lot of artists who get ethered by their own guest spots, Brother Ali makes sure the spotlight guy knows who to focus on. 2nd half of this song goes hard.

Brother Ali ft. Freeway & Joell Ortiz – Best At It
| ZShare


Video! Joell Ortiz – "Food For Thought"

Not much to this video but the song is dope! Nice idea for the video but imo it was overdone. This track is off of the Cookin Soul + Nah Right collaborative mixtape titled *1:00 AM & Rising*. Below is the mp3 of the track!

Joell Ortiz – “Food For Thought”


New! DJ Yo_Dah & Tommy Lee + Others – "Loser"

Dope cut here! I’m loving the production. As you can see above this track features Lil’ Wayne, Spark Dawg, Joell Ortiz, Big Sean, Sum 41 & J-Son. It also says Tyga but he’s not on this version, so I’m guessing there will be or is another version with Tyga on it.

DJ Yo Dah & Tommy Lee Ft. Lil’ Wayne, Spark Dawg, Joell Ortiz, Big Sean, Sum 41 & J-Son – “Loser” (mp3)


Joell Ortiz – *Covers the Classics* (Mixtape)

Joell Ortiz puts together 33 tracks, all over popular & classic Hip Hop beats from the 90’s, and straight slaughters them all! I really don’t have much to say except you need to download this. Hip Hop is far from dead!

Joell Ortiz – *Covers the Classics* (Mixtape)

01. Intro
02. Rappers Delight (feat. DJ Enuff)
03. Know The BK Ledge
04. Somethin for Hot 97 (feat. DJ Camilo)
05. Strictly the Bizness
06. Treat Me Right
07. Industry Enemy #1
08. Brooklyn Children’s Story
09. I Can’t Go Broke
10. Live At Cooper Day BBQ
11. Uptown Anthem
12. U.N.I.T.Y.
13. T.R.O.Y.
14. Primo Tribute
15. Just To Get A Check
16. Mass Appeal
17. Act Like They Don’t Know
18. The Whut (Animal Shit)
19. BK Get Money
20. Got My Mind Made Up
21. Drop A Gem On ‘Em
22. Intercourse
23. Cell Therapies
24. High Roller
25. Brooklyn Ghetto Child
26. What They Do (Root’s Tribute)
27. Renee’s Revenge
28. Goin To Miami (feat. DJ Khaled)
29. What Happened To Hip Hop
30. 4,3,2,1
31. Recognize
32. 24HRS
33. Rican Ebonics 09

Spotted @ 2db’z!


Video! Joell Ortiz Feat. Mr. Probz – "Never Sleep"

Real dope concept here. The struggles of someone most people wouldn’t even care to think about.


Joell Ortiz f. Novel – Stand Up

I have had this song on repeat for the last 20 min or so.


New! Tracks from The Kickdrums’ Smash The System (ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Charles Hamilton, Pimp C, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi + More!)

Damn, The Kickdrums are on fire. Their latest project Smash the System is full of more sick remixes. Really sick shit. I know some people associate remixes these days with getting a hot rapper to throw in a verse, adding a DJ yelling in the intro, and throwing in a couple bells and sound effects. That is not the Kickdrums idea of a remix. You’ll see what I mean. Also, that cover art is dope. Check out some of my favorites below. Thanks to OnSmash. If you missed the post on their last mixtape, check it here.

Kanye West – Good Morning (Kickdrums Remix ft. Big Sean)

The Kickdrums – The Bottom of the Map (Ft. Lil Wayne & Pimp C)

Kanye West – We Major (Kickdrums Remix ft. Charles Hamilton, Ray Cash)

Jay-Z – No Loving Coming Home (Ft. Fitty)

Izza Kizza – Insane In My Pimp Game

The Kickdrums – Sky High (Ft. Kid Cudi, Kanye West)

Joell Ortiz – Move On (Remix ft. Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9″ and Crooked I)


Joell Ortiz ft. Joe Budden – "Move On"

From the Free Agent Mixtape.

Joell Ortiz ft. Joe Budden – Move On


Joell Ortiz – Day ‘N’ Nite Remix

Joell goes in on Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite”. Check the original below.

Joell Ortiz – Day ‘N’ Nite Remix
Kid Cudi – Day ‘N’ Nite


Novel – Tracks from 808s and Mixtapes

I slept on this because it was usually posted in full and I didn’t feel like downloading a whole mixtape that I might not like, but I’m really glad I decided to check it out today. This shit is excellent. It’s cool to hear someone that can actually sing on “Amazing”. I love the original, but this is refreshing. And that “Wild West” version wouldn’t sound out of place on The Fugees’ The Score. Don’t miss out on this.

Novel -Amazing (Remix)

Novel – Welcome to Heartbreak Freestyle ft. Spree Wilson
Novel – Southern Boy ft. Ced Hughes
Novel – Wild West (Breakbeat Version)
Novel – The Fighters ft. Joell Ortiz