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New! Joe Budden – "Keep On"

This is the type of hip-hop that I personally LOVE!! Real sh*t from a dude who is lyrically sick as sh*t. Beats hard as hell & he rides this sh*t to the end!

..who spit hard as me? very few arguably..

I agree!
Spotted @ the dopehouse.

Joe Budden – “Keep On” (Prod. J. Cardim) | YouSendIt


New! Joe Budden – "Russian Roulette" (Remix)

Motherf*ck yea! I personally love when Joey goes in like this!! Reminds me of “Are You In That Mood Yet?” Real sh*t!!

Joe Budden – “Russian Roulette” (Remix) | Zshare


Video! Joe Budden 5 Year Relationship Rule

Ok! This has nothing to do with music at all but I’m posting this for a few reasons.

1. Joey says he feels that if a couple has been together for 5 years that they should be entitled to one other penis/vagina other than that of their significant other. Do ya’ll agree?

I think that every dude would agree with that (in his mind)! But I think most dudes are going to agree with wtv their girl says. If she says hell no, he’s going to say no. If she agrees, he’ll be like let’s set this up asap! So he probably won’t even answer the question until she does.

2. #deathto whoever the dude was that beat up Tahiry like that; seriously! Why are you beating up on a female? A beautiful female? Now the real Slaughterhouse is about to unleash on your a$$! No raps this time tho, straight guns & butcher knives!!!

3. Do ya’ll (fellas) see Tahiry’s rear end!? Woo, God bless her!

That’s All!


Video! Joe Budden Discusses Vibe Rap Bracket!

I saw Vibe’s rap bracket before I saw this video Joey put out and I thought the list was bogus myself. So Joey, I agree with you! What do ya’ll think?


Video! Joe Budden – "Exxxes"

Just watched this video on WSHH! Dope ass video & song from 1/4th of the mighty Slaughterhouse, Joe Budden. Shout out to my homie Milani Rose in the video. And if you don’t have “Padded Room“, be sure to get that and support good sh!t !!


New! Fall Out Boy ft Joe Budden, 88 Keys, Murs – America’s Suitehearts (Remix)

If I could take out some(one’s) parts of this song, I would. I like hearing Murs on this beat though. Not really sure about the details on this, but from what I gather Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy is putting out a solo album? Does that sound right? Feel free to leave info in the comment box if you’ve got some. Saw it at NR.

Fall Out Boy ft. Joe Budden, 88 Keys, Murs – America’s Suitehearts (Remix)


New! Tracks from The Kickdrums’ Smash The System (ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Charles Hamilton, Pimp C, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi + More!)

Damn, The Kickdrums are on fire. Their latest project Smash the System is full of more sick remixes. Really sick shit. I know some people associate remixes these days with getting a hot rapper to throw in a verse, adding a DJ yelling in the intro, and throwing in a couple bells and sound effects. That is not the Kickdrums idea of a remix. You’ll see what I mean. Also, that cover art is dope. Check out some of my favorites below. Thanks to OnSmash. If you missed the post on their last mixtape, check it here.

Kanye West – Good Morning (Kickdrums Remix ft. Big Sean)

The Kickdrums – The Bottom of the Map (Ft. Lil Wayne & Pimp C)

Kanye West – We Major (Kickdrums Remix ft. Charles Hamilton, Ray Cash)

Jay-Z – No Loving Coming Home (Ft. Fitty)

Izza Kizza – Insane In My Pimp Game

The Kickdrums – Sky High (Ft. Kid Cudi, Kanye West)

Joell Ortiz – Move On (Remix ft. Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9″ and Crooked I)


Saigon vs. Joe Budden

I don’t know how this beef started and I don’t really care, but sometimes it’s fun to listen to diss songs just to see who comes out on top, especially when you really don’t care if either side comes out looking like an ass. Here’s the latest in the feud between Joe Budden and Saigon.

Joe Budden – Pain In His Life (Saigon diss)

Saigon – Pushin Buddens (Joe Budden diss)


Joell Ortiz ft. Joe Budden – "Move On"

From the Free Agent Mixtape.

Joell Ortiz ft. Joe Budden – Move On


Joe Budden intrigued by dude’s skinny jeans

This has been posted on a lot of the major hip hop blogs out there, and no one seems to think it’s weird. Yeah, the kid is wearing some skinny ass pants. But doesn’t anyone think it’s strange that Joe Budden sits down with this guy, constantly focuses the camera down on his legs, and indirectly mocks him about his choice of pants?