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Peter Gabriel – "Flume" (Bon Iver Cover) + "My Body Is A Cage" (Arcade Fire Cover"

Here are two tracks off of Peter Gabriel’s upcoming orchestral indie rock cover album Scratch My Back. It’s hard to judge these fairly, because the originals already won my heart over, but there is no denying that Gabriel’s orchestral interpretations are beautiful. The deep, dark, swelling build up of “My Body Is A Cage” is breathtaking and Gabriel nails the desperation in the melody of “Flume”. The orchestra adds a really dramatic ambiance to these already moving songs. Both of these are must haves. Check it out.

Peter Gabriel – Flume (Bon Iver Cover)
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Peter Gabriel – My Body Is A Cage (Arcade Fire Cover) | YouSendIt

Thanks to WAWSTSF


Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) – "Hazleton"

This track is a glimpse into Justin Vernon’s raw musical talent before millions of ears got familiar with his sound through the beautiful Bon Iver release For Emma, Forever Ago. Technology is great, and for music it has led to bands who were once limited to used instruments, garages, and shoddy recording equipment being able to dabble with all kinds of sound effects, synths, and electricity. I love a lot of that music, but Bon Iver reminds us that great music can still be made by a man and an acoustic guitar.

It’s comforting to think that no matter what kind of stuff is possible, music is not the same without the human element. I’m sure one day, labels will create hit-making robots, rendering some programmable pop stars and their puppeteers obsolete. But a robot could never replace Bon Iver. This track was recorded in Wisconsin and 100 copies were released in Raleigh. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard it. Thanks to PMA.

Justin Vernon – Hazleton | YouSendIt


Ellie Goulding – Passion Pit and Bon Iver Covers

I just heard these Ellie Goulding tracks for the first time over at Pretty Much Amazing and they are definitely worth checking out. Ellie uses her soft, smooth, gliding voice(s) to carry these already great songs into new territory. These are simple, crisp, and refreshingly uncluttered.

Ellie Goulding – Sleepyhead (Passion Pit Cover)
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Ellie Goulding – The Wolves Act I & II (Bon Iver Cover) | YouSendIt


New! Bon Iver & St. Vincent – "Roslyn" and Lykke Li – "Possibility" (New Moon Soundtrack)

Uh oh! More from the New Moon soundtrack. Might have to go to see this lame vamp flick in the theater and just shut my eyes. The music is that good. Makes me excited/sad/confused/Confusion. But seriously, I would never go see this movie. Just look at that cover. That alone causes a discomfort that I couldn’t overcome, even with a phenomenal soundtrack. It looks like a cheap cologne ad. Thanks to PS.

Bon Iver & St. Vincent – Roslyn
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Lykke Li – Possibility
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Random Songs From The Decade!

A lot of (loud) internet voices have been putting out “best of the decade” lists. It’s definitely fun to read, but my favorites change every week, and there’s no way I can keep track of what year featured what albums. I could do research and put together a list (and I might, [at the end of the fucking year!]), but I might not.

I don’t know, I’m one of the less professional bloggers out there. I have random bursts of creative energy that I want to funnel into P&P, but I never spend weeks putting together some master, definitive list that I’d be comfortable with spreading around the World Wide Internets. But I’ll tell you what I can do… I can give you random songs that were released in the past 10 years! Random to you, maybe, but these are all songs that meant something to me. Not saying they are the “best” or “my favorites”, but these are all songs that take me back to a particular time in my life during the past 10 years, and maybe they’ll do the same for you. Even if they don’t, it’s all good music.

Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life

How this song didn’t end up on more best of the decade lists, I don’t know. It was definitely one of my hightlights. Just one of those songs that immediately means something to everyone.

Bon Iver – Skinny Love

2008. This was my shit. Still listen to this song frequently.

Atmosphere – Sunshine

Who can’t relate to this? Shiiit. Wake up with a hangover hugging the toilet? Just put this on.

Band Of Horses – The Funeral

Listen to this song twice, all the way through. Then try not to want to hear it again. So good.

Wilco – Hummingbird

“His goal in life was to be an echo.” About a dozen Wilco songs I could have included, but this is one of my favorite lines of the decade. I love songs with steady build ups like this.

Burial – Archangel

I heard about this album and randomly got it. No expectations. Never gave a fuck about dubstep, never gave a fuck about mystery man Burial. Drove from VA to NC by myself in one of the worst rain storms I’ve ever driven in. Windshield wipers back and forth to the beat, I played this album from start to finish. I don’t listen to it often, but it made a big impact that dark day.

Cannibal Ox – The F Word (RJD2 Remix)

This song hit me really hard in high school. This shit meant a lot to me, no matter how high I was. Any fan of underground hip hop knows that The Cold Vein was a fucking classic.

“And ‘together forever’ just sounds fly. That’s how it sounded to me when I heard it.”

Citizen Cope – Bullet and a Target

Another album that I could have picked 4 or 5 different songs from, but this one was one of my instant favorites that stuck with me.

Alright, that’s it for now. Keep in mind these are random songs from the decade. Not my favorites. Just some songs that stuck with me this decade. Some songs that came to mind when I put 20 minutes of thought on the line. Notice most of them start with A to C. Yeah, I was looking through my iTunes in alphabetical order.


Bon Iver – Blood Bank (Skinny Friedman DJ Edit)

Before I listened to this I thought “What the fuck could a DJ do with Bon Iver?” One of the beautiful things about Bon Iver’s music to me is the strong, organic human factor. A DJ mix would definitely take away from the sound. Well, just like the time I squeezed a glass with my hand to prove that it wouldn’t break, I was painfully wrong. It works. Glad I checked this out. Thanks to The World In A Paper Cup.

Bon Iver – Blood Bank (Skinny Friedman DJ Edit)


Volcano Choir (Bon Iver + Colony Of Bees) – "Island, IS"

Here’s a track from the Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and Colony Of Bees side project that calls itself Volcano Choir. These duders all knew eachother as fellow Wisconsin musicians before Justin Vernon was part of Bon Iver and from what I understand, these songs were written a while ago. The album Unmap will be released on JagJaguwar on September 22nd. Check a song and the tracklisting below.

Volcano Choir – Island, IS

1. Husks and Shells
2. Seeplymouth
3. Island, IS
4. Dote
5. And Gather
6. Mbira in the Morass
7. Cool Knowledge
8. Still
9. Youlogy