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R&B Session Pt. 25

Let’s get it back to dropping this every Saturday. Got 16 joints for ya’ll today to enjoy!!

Erykah Badu – “Window Seat” | Mediafire

Beyonce – “Ice Cream Truck”
| Mediafire

Trey Songz – “Til The Day I Die” [Tags] | Mediafire

Track Listing:

Beyonce – “Ice Cream Truck”
Christina Milian – “Joan Of Arc” (Baby Girl)
Christina Milian – “Kiss It”
Corrine Bailey Rae – “Little Wing”
Erykah Badu – “Window Seat”
Jaheim – “Whoa”
Jaheim – “Bed Is Listening”
Jennifer Lopez aka Lola – “Greatest Part Of Me”
Ludacris Ft. Ciara & Pitbull – “How Low” (Remix)
Mary J. Blige Ft. Swizz Beatz – “Fancy” [Tags]
Ne-Yo – “Impossible”
Ne-Yo – “Rock With You” (Janet Jackson Demo)
R. Kelly – “Troubled Man” [Tags]
Trey Songz – “Til The Day I Die” [Tags]
Usher Ft. Jadakiss – “Daddys Home” (Ted Smooth Remix)
Usher Ft. Juelz Santana – “Daddys Home” (Remix)


New! Lil’ Wayne – "Maybach Music 3" + "Girls On Girls"

Got two tagged snippets from Weezy off of his unofficial *Tear Drop Tune 3* mixtape. I wouldn’t of even posted these two tagged snippets if I didn’t like Wayne’s verses on ’em.

Spotted @ NR. First joint is “Maybach Music 3” which features Birdman. I’m guessing Rick Ross’ verse is missing on this one. The other is “Girls On Girls” which features Sean Garrett. I like the sound of “MM3” & the production is crazy; def need to hear the full version of that tho. I have a strange feeling that Birdman is going to f*ck it up for me.

Lil’ Wayne Ft. Birdman – “Maybach Music 3” [Snippet w/ Tags] | YouSendIt

Lil’ Wayne Ft. Sean Garrett – “Girls On Girls” [Snippet w/ Tags] | YouSendIt

UPDATE: “Maybach Music 3” is actually called “Veterans Day” & will actually be on Ricky’s upcoming *Teflon Don* album. Check it below!

Rick Ross Feat. Birdman & Lil’ Wayne – “Veterans Day” | YouSendIt


Emilio Rojas ft. Styles P & Asher Roth – "Bold and Arrogant"

Here’s a remix from Emilio’s “Bold and Arrogant” featuring Styles P and Asher Roth. Unexpected combination going in a topic that 95% of rappers seem to have in common. Can you imagine if rock bands started putting out song after song that just says “Hey look, I’m a really, really fucking cool guy. I’m excellent at what I do, I always have money to spend, and I have sex with a ridiculous amount of very good looking women” ?

Emilio Rojas ft Styles P & Asher Roth – Bold and Arrogant
| YouSendIt


New! Lloyd Banks Ft. Juelz Santana – "Beamer, Benz Or Bentley"

Spotted @ the dopehouse.

Here’s a nice joint to bounce to! Banks is back w/ this new single called “Beamer, Benz Or Bentley” which features Santana. A video trailer just dropped for this about a day or two ago, then a radio rip surfaced today…& now….BAM! CDQ!!! (Clean)

Lloyd Banks Ft. Juelz Santana – “Beamer, Benz Or Bentley” | YouSendIt


Definitive Jux Compilation: Farewell Def Jux

I just saw this over at 2DopeBoyz and you already know how much Def Jux meant to me so I couldn’t pass up on it. Thanks to Vega for putting this mix of classic Definitive Jux tracks together. Tracklist and download link below. I especially love the last song.

Farewell Def Jux: 1999-2010 (Full Download) | Alternate

01. Cage – I Never Knew You.mp3
02. Yak Ballz – Arabian Facebuster.mp3
03. Aesop Rock – Daylight.mp3
04. Aesop Rock – Bazooka Tooth.mp3
05. Cannibal Ox – Iron Galaxy.mp3
06. The Perceptionists – Let’s Move!!.mp3
07. RJD2 – The Horror.mp3
08. S.A. Smash ft Cage – Smash TV.mp3
09. Aesop Rock – Night Light.mp3
10. Camu Tao – Hold The Floor.mp3
11. Cool Calm Pete – Lost.mp3
12. Company Flow ft Ill Bill – Simian Drugs aka Feeling Ignorant.mp3
13. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien – Bubble Pop.mp3
14. Mr. Lif – Jugular Vein.mp3
15. Murs and 9th Wonder – Bad Man!.mp3
16. Party Fun Action Comittee – Mental Storm.mp3
17. Danny! – Where is Danny.mp3
18. El-P – Deep Space 9mm.mp3
19. Murs – What Do You Know .mp3
20. Despot – Look Alive.mp3
21. C-Rayz Walz – Showgun.mp3
22. Mike Ladd – Black Orientalist.mp3
23. Mr.Lif – Live From The Plantation.mp3
24. The Mighty Underdogs ft MF DOOM – Gunfight.mp3
25. El-P – Dead Disnee.mp3
26. Hangar 18 – Boombox Apocalypse.mp3
27. S.A. Smash – Illy.mp3
28. El-P, DBA The Lyrical Punisher, and J-Treds Freestyle.mp3
29. Party Fun Action Comittee – Chapstick.mp3
30. Aesop Rock ft Breeze Brewin – Getaway Car.mp3
31. Cage – ft Darryl Palumbo – Shoot Frank.mp3
32. Cool Calm Pete – Cool Calm Science.mp3
33. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien – Naked Fonk.mp3
34. The Perceptionists – Black Dialogue.mp3
35. RJD2 – Someones Second Kiss.mp3
36. Rob Sonic – Rock The Convoy.mp3
37. C-Rayz Walz – The Line Up.mp3
38. Danny! – Turn Me Up.mp3
39. Hangar 18 – Feet To Feet.mp3
40. Mr. Lif – Arise.mp3
41. Camu Tao – Open Hands.mp3
42. El-P ft Cage – Habeas Corpses (Draconian Love).mp3
43. Murs ft Humpty Hump and Shock G – Risky Business.mp3
44. RJD2 ft Jakki Da Mitamouth – F.H.H.mp3
45. Yak Ballz – Flossin’.mp3
46. C-Rayz Walz – Battle Me.mp3
47. Dizzee Rascal – Excuse Me Please.mp3
48. Murs and 9th Wonder ft Phonte – The Animal.mp3
49. Rob Sonic – Dylsexia.mp3
50. Yak Ballz – Reign.mp3
51. 4th Pyramid – Aquatic.mp3
52. Aesop Rock ft El-P and Camu Tao – Rickety Rackety.mp3
53. El-P – The League of Extraordinary Nobodies.mp3
54. El-P – Sunrise Over Brooklyn.mp3
55. Aesop Rock – 9-5ers Anthem.mp3
56. Mr.Lif – Earthcrusher.mp3
57. El-P ft Cage – Oxycontin pt 2
58. Cage – Hells Winter.mp3
59. The Mighty Underdogs – Victorious.mp3
60. C-Rayz Walz – First Words Worse.mp3
61. S.A. Smash – Gangsta.mp3
62. Cannibal Ox – Pigeon