New! jj – "My Life" & "And Now"

You wouldn’t know it by listening to most of their mellow, atmospheric music, but the mysterious Swedish group jj seems to have a strange obsession with Lil Wayne. First they exploded onto the scene with “Ecstasy”, their drug induced take on “Lollipop”, then they borrowed a Wayne verse for “My Way”, and now they again regurgitate Weezy’s words from the chorus of “My Life” for their latest album opener. It sounds kind of like Fiona Apple singing in a pitch black, damp cave with sparse piano accompaniment.

I’ve also included another track “And Now” from No.3, their upcoming album out March 9th. It’s a little fuller than most jj tracks, really picking up about halfway through with some light percussion, strings, and a couple electronic touches. What always stands out to me in jj songs is the simple and silky smooth melody. Although jj’s sound is very distinct and a little timid, you can imagine this melody being used in a heavy hitting pop song, an arena rock hit, or a jam band groove.

jj – My Life | YouSendIt

jj – And Now | YouSendIt

Thanks to WAWSTSF and YourThirdEar

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