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Video! Theophilus London – "Humdrum Town"

Here’s the video for Theophilus’ “Humdrum Town”. If you don’t remember my posts about this, then you don’t know how much I love it, so I’ll tell you again – I love this song. Ok, gotta go catch a flight now. Peace, Florida.


New! Snoop Dogg ft. Jay-Z – "I Wanna Rock" (Remix) (Updated Explicit CDQ)

Rumors of this swirled earlier today, then came a radio rip, then came the CDQ. (And even later we finally get the final CDQ in all it’s uncensored glory.) The internet is crazy, huh? I feel like I can just mention something today and by tomorrow, someone somewhere will make it happen. I heard that tomorrow someone is going to offer me a milli to buy Pigeons and Planes. But I’ll say no. They’ll be so impressed with my loyalty and dedication that they’ll give me 2 million and a team of savvy businessmen and women committed to my mission of turning P&P into an international record label that will forever change the music industry. Worth a shot.

For two rappers old enough to be my parents, this smells pretty fresh. Jay-Z sounds nice over this beat, right?

UPDATE: Just replaced the CDQ Clean with the CDQ Explicit.

Snoop Dogg ft. Jay-Z – I Wanna Rock (Remix) | YouSendIt

Credit to MissInfo


New! B.o.B – "The Biz"

This is getting ridiculous. Good new music is coming in today like tween girls at a Justin Bieber meet and greet. This time Bobby goes in on the classic “Shook Ones Pt II” instrumental. Over the years a lot of people have done damage over this beat but trust me, B.o.B can fuck with the best of them. This will be on an upcoming mixtape due in February called May 25th (which is the date that B.o.B will release his long awaited debut album, The Adventures Of Bobby Ray). Thanks to TJ.

B.o.B – The Biz | YouSendIt


Purple Monkey Sircus – PMS3: Candyland (Mixtape)

Sometimes when I’m talking about new music that I support, I run out of adjectives. I get tired of calling everything I post eclectic, unique, exciting, smooth, dope, original, edgy, awesome. This is all that, but I’m going to try a different approach.

This hip-hop trio goes by the name of Purple Monkey Sircus (PMS). Horrible name, and you have to think they spelled “circus” wrong just so they could go by PMS. Their promotion is a lazy email with this as the text:

Please wait until Midnight tonight (tuesday) to Release. Thanks for the support!

Info for posts: Purple Monkey Sircus, From Cleveland Heights Ohio, all three of us are 18 & 19 years old, 2nd mixtape, completely independent.

Their Twitter account is titled TheFakePMS.

The first song I heard by them (“Fuck My Life”) involved fucking a mango.

You can see there are plenty of reasons/obstacles that make it potentially difficult for me to enjoy PMS. (Uhh.) But despite it all, PMS has completely won me over. This shit is sick and I am 100% behind this project – it’s one of the few mixtapes that will make it in its entirety to my iTunes. Hopefully this gives you some motivation to check these guys out. Don’t sleep.

PMS3: Candyland (Mixtape) | ALT LINK

1 The Prolegomenon
2 What I’m Like
3 BabyMama Kush (feat. R-Mon & Osage)
4 Demons In My Head (feat. Da Blokk)
5 Fuck My Life (FML)(feat. Roxy)
6 Spell On My Mind
7 Mr. LovaMan (Chavi Milan)
8 Mr. White, NiceGuy Eddie, Mr. Pink & Mr. Blonde
9 I Got You (feat. Tezo)(prod. By All Day Recess)
10 My Guy (Tezo Prod. By DJ-One)
11 The Flight (feat. Keys)
12 Ballad Of A BusinessMan (feat. PacMan)
13 Tell Me Why I’m Killin’ Em (feat. Tezo)
14 Amaze Once Meant Alarm, But Now Means Astonish
15 Better Than I’ve Ever Been
16 Passing Me By
17 Wdup G?
18 The GetAway
19 HelloWorld.NoIntroduction


Drake – "Zone" (Untagged)

Raise your hand if you want some Drake without annoying tags on it! *Continues post with one hand* This unreleased track surfaced a little while ago, but here it is without all the audio litter. This is probably just a demo that won’t end up on any future albums, but it’s pretty fucking smooth if you ask me.

Drake – Zone | YouSendIt


New! M.I.A. – "There’s Space For Ol Dat I See"

Here’s a new song and video that M.I.A. put up via her Twitter. This came directly after many all-caps FUCK YOU’s to the New York Times for calling Sri Lanka a vacation hot spot. The song is expected to be on her next album, which includes work with Blaqstarr, Diplo and Switch, among others. For more on her new release, check The New York Times.

Update: The song is expected to be on her next album due this summer. It is called “Space Odyssey” and it was indeed produced by the mighty Rusko.

M.I.A. – There’s Space For Ol Dat I See | YouSendIt


New! Wiz Khalifa – "Say Aah Freestyle"

For you Khalifa fans. Here he goes over Trey’s “Say Aah” instrumental.

Wiz Khalifa – “Say Aah Freestyle” | YouSendIt