Good Morning.

I guess by now you’re either sleeping or partying really hard. Or in a different time zone (still don’t get how that works.) It’s like 5am here and (as usual) I can’t sleep. I’m thinking about just taking this day into tomorrow and subtracting one from my calendar. It’s rough, but this situation is always bittersweet because being awake at times like these is when I feel most alive and most motivated to get shit done. 4 pm comes around and I’ll be fiending for a nap, but when the clock hits 4 am a spark goes off in my brain. I guess I should put it to good use. That’s this post.

First up is a track from 2AM Club (Twitter).They’re signed to RCA Records and their first single won’t be out until January, but here’s a sample of their sound. To me, sounds like some serious popularity potential. It’s got that hip-hop edge mixed with rock riffs and a catchy chorus. Something to please everyone.

2AM Club – Nobody’s In Love | YouSendIt

If you’re an indie headline follower, you probably get giddy reading the title of this next one. Settle down – it’s just a Burial song. I really like Burial, but this remix is so one-sided that if it didn’t have Bloc Party in the title, you’d stick it on Untrue with no questions. Still very cool for Burial fans.

Bloc Party – Where Is Home (Burial Remix)
| YouSendIt

Fucked Up is planning to put out two albums of unreleased tracks in January: The Hard Stuff and The Fun Stuff. I’ll let you guess which one this is on. If you’re trying to step your music game up, you’ll need diversity. Pheonix, Passion Pit, and PB&J are great, but this band is called Fucked Up, and they are much more hardcore. For one, they are called Fucked Up. Also their lead singer is a fat bald guy who bleeds out of his head during shows (Damian Abraham depicted above). Diversify.

Fucked Up – Neat Parts
| YouSendIt


2 Responses to “Good Morning.”

  1. 1 andy@chicks_n_kicks
    November 28, 2009 at 11:55 am

    great name for a band, shoulda thought it up 1st

  2. 2 drizzy!
    November 28, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    that 2am club track is nice. hope to see more of their music..

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