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Lil Wayne, Alex King & Shanell – "Play In My Band" (Remix)

Here’s a remix (I think it used to be a Shanell song) with Lil Wayne and Alex King. Each verse starts off kind of tame and ends up viscious. Check it out.

Lil Wayne, Alex King & Shanell – Play In My Band (Remix) | YouSendIt


R&B Session Pt. 11

Yea yea yea B!tch, I know it’s Halloween; the time for all that evil sh*t and what not! But hey, even Chuckie & my boy Frankenstein had their brides!! So on that note, got some new sh*t for ya’ll!!

Usher – “There Goes My Baby” | YouSentIt

Mary J. Blige – “I Can See In Color” | YouSendIt

Alicia Keys – “Sleeping With A Broken Heart” | YouSendIt

R. Kelly – “Echo” | YouSendIt

Alicia Keys – “Sleeping With A Broken Heart”
Andy Allo Ft. Blu – “DreamLand”

Boyz II Men – “If You Leave Me Now” (Chicago Cover)

J. Holiday – “Go Home”

J. Holiday Ft. Claudette Ortiz – “Lose Your Love”

Johnta Austin – “I Bet”

Mary J. Blige – “I Can See In Color”

Ne-Yo – “When He Kissed Me” (Reference)

R. Kelly – “Echo”

Shontelle – “Licky”

Usher – “Blockin'”

Usher – “Daddy’s Home”

Usher – “More”
Usher – Rockband”
Usher – “There Goes My Baby”
Wyclef Jean Ft. Eve – “Suicide Love”


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! That’s all.

Feel free to leave comments on this post with funny stories, descriptions of your costume, or whatever. Haha or don’t – because whenever I solicit comments I get none. Whatever. Fuck this post, just have a good Halloween, and enjoy those pictures.


Video! Jay-Z Responds To Beanie Sigel’s Diss Song

Jay-Z answers Beanie Sigel from Olivier Guillemette ¨O.G.¨ on Vimeo.

Yup. Pretty good points. What do you think? If you missed it, here‘s Beanie’s long winded diss. If you don’t feel like checking it out, Beanie basically said Jay-Z narc’ed (is that how you’d spell that?) on him and didn’t do enough to push him.

A record deal, that’s normal. A record label, and a clothing line? So, if that’s not pushing a person, shit.


Video! Jay-Z Ft. Alicia Keys – "Empire State Of Mind"

Here is the visual for Hov & A. Keys “Empire State Of Mind”. Nothing special, just a visual to a dope song! Means more to a NYer tho!!!!!!!!
Via GFR!


New! Wale Ft. Melanie Fiona & J. Cole

But wait, there’s more (Dude from *Scream* movie voice)!!

Motherf*cking J. Cole & Melanie Fiona? I am not mad @ Wale for this one! Wale has some nice features on this album!!

“..but mama I ain’t done yet, sit back and watch yo’ sun rise..kick back and know yo’ sun set!” -J. Cole

& I consider this the 2nd feature J. Cole owns….the 1st being “A Star Is Born”.

Wale Ft. Melanie Fiona & J. Cole – “Beautiful Bliss” | YouSendIt


Spoon Announces New Album

Spoon has announced their next album will be called Transference, and it’s out January 26th on Merge. This will be the Austin, Texas indie rock band’s 7th full length album. I hope we hear more new songs soon.


01) Before Destruction
02) Is Love Forever?
03) The Mystery Zone
04) Who Makes Your Money
05) Written in Reverse
06) I Saw the Light
07) Trouble Comes Running
08) Goodnight Laura
09) Out Go the Lights
10) Got Nuffin | YouSendIt
11) Nobody Gets Me But You