Three In One! Juke Dem Hos, Best At It, 1901 remix!

When I started P&P I used to do these multiple song posts a lot. Over time, I’ve cut back on them. I don’t know why. If you haven’t figured it out, there’s no real “planning”, “organization”, or “thought” put into this blog. Haha, jokes. But seriously…

These tracks are all good enough to get their own post, but they’ve all ended up cold and huddled on my desktop. Grab them all, muhfucka.

Electro and raunchy hip-hop. How could you not? Art above is thanks to these guys. (And no, I didn’t censor it. It came like that. I would never do that to you guys.)

Stereoheroes ft. Mic Terror – Juke Dem Hos | ZShare

I know, you’ve heard a lot of “1901” remixes. I know, you’ve heard a lot of shitty “1901” remixes. This one does it right. Right enough that months after the initial hype, this song feels fresher than Subway. (Fuckin’ love Subway. It really is always fresh. You can tell by the smell of the shops.)

Phoenix – 1901 (Fredrick Carlsson Remix) | ZShare

Freeway and Joell are both spitters, but unlike a lot of artists who get ethered by their own guest spots, Brother Ali makes sure the spotlight guy knows who to focus on. 2nd half of this song goes hard.

Brother Ali ft. Freeway & Joell Ortiz – Best At It
| ZShare


2 Responses to “Three In One! Juke Dem Hos, Best At It, 1901 remix!”

  1. 1 Nick
    September 17, 2009 at 3:57 am

    I opened this up today in class with three rows of people behind me. Kudos!

  2. 2 Confusion
    September 17, 2009 at 4:39 am

    Hahah oops. Thanks for checkin P&P in class! Tell your classmates!!!

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