New! Brisco – "We Got It"

I feel like I need to redeem myself for posting that ultra-soft Death Cab cover earlier. As a blog, one of my main goals since day one has been to be a well balanced source of new music. I don’t trust someone who listens to nothing but banging hip-hop and the occasional R&B track about fucking a dime. I also don’t trust some beard-having cunt (nothing against beards) who listens to nothing but the trendy indie bands that won’t be famous until next year. Same goes for that bug-eyed, tweeked out, middle aged raver who only listens to music produced on at least 3 pieces of electronic equipment. When it comes down to it, good music comes in all different forms. We all identify with some genres more than others, but don’t pigeon hole yourself. Pigeons and Planes, not Pigeons or Planes.

That being said, here’s some new Brisco. The Opa Locka Goon, for you motherfuckers who can’t appreciate all things sensitive. I have to represent FL while I’m still here (moving to NY in [oh shit!] 7 days). Brisco raps like a money-loving gorilla would rap if a money-loving gorilla could rap. High energy and a lot of chest pounding.

Brisco – We Got It


1 Response to “New! Brisco – "We Got It"”

  1. 1 Noods
    August 19, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    you go to school in NY or what?

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