New! Sir Salvatore – *Good Luck Charm* EP

Sir Salvatore is an indie rock band out of San Fran, Cali. I got an email from their drummer Alejandro yesterday with two cuts off of their latest EP titled *Good Luck Charm*. One titled “Fireflies, Reading Books” & the other titled “Modern Consequences”, and both caught me instantly.

Alejandro stated that their sound is like:
Pixies, Radiohead, Pavement, and The Cribs blended with rubbing alcohol & wheatgrass!

I would say that description is pretty on point!!!

You can check out those two tracks below. Also below is the link to purchase their 6 track *Good Luck Charm* EP via iTunes for only $5.94. I got to listen to each track off of the EP & it’s definitely worth the buy!

Sir Salvatore – “Fireflies, Reading Books”

Sir Salvatore – “Modern Consequences”

& click HERE to purchase their EP, *Good Luck Charm*.


1 Response to “New! Sir Salvatore – *Good Luck Charm* EP”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    July 18, 2009 at 12:11 am

    Good stuff!Wish to hear more from Sir Salvatore

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