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New! La Coka Nostra – Choose Your Price ft. Bun B

Here’s a new one from the upcoming album, Brand You Can Trust, out July 14th. In case you didn’t know, La Coka Nostra is:

  • Everlast (a.k.a. Mr. White) (ex House Of Pain MC)
  • DJ Lethal (ex House of Pain and current Limp Bizkit DJ/producer)
  • Danny Boy (ex House Of Pain hype man, current music video director)
  • Ill Bill (ex Non Phixion MC/producer)
  • Slaine (current Special Teamz MC)
  • Big Left (MC)

Additional producers and contributing/featured artists:

  • B-Real (Cypress Hill member, MC)
  • DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill member, producer)
  • Sick Jacken (Sick Symphonies and Psycho Realm member, MC)
  • Cynic (Sick Symphonies member, producer)
  • Q-Unique (ex Arsonists, MC and producer)
  • DJ Mek (Scary√Čire member, DJ/producer)
  • Sicknature (Danish MC/producer)

I think you can pretty much guess what the music is gonna sound like by looking at the picture, reading the name of the group, and seeing the line up.

La Coka Nostra – Choose Your Price ft. Bun B


Eminem x Spank Rock – Forgot About Coke and 11th (Starters Remix)

This one is not new, but I just heard it for the first time, and when it comes to mega mash up remixes, does it even matter if it’s new? No. Not really. A good mash up is like a timeless poem or a classic painting. I saw it here, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the song came from Pretty Much Amazing.

Eminem x Spank Rock – Forgot About Coke and 11th (Starters Remix)


Video! Sector Chameleon Feat. Judie Jay – "More Than A Feeling"

SECTA CHAMELEON – MORE THAN A FEELIN’ from Emil Goodman on Vimeo.

Straight out of Hungary we have a Electro/Breakbeat duo named Sector Chameleon! I just stumbled upon them over at We Like It Indie & decided to share them with ya’ll by introducing you to their latest video. This visual is for their song, “More Than A Feeling”, & features Judie Jay. It is off of their recently released EP which is also titled *More Than A Feeling*, which is available on iTunes for $3.99. The song & visual for it are both dope!


VIdeo! Eminem and Bruno 69 at MTV Movie Awards

I wasn’t going to post this, but this fuckery has spawned more conversation than I understand. I mean, this is staged right? Does anyone really think Eminem was not a part of the plan?


T-Pain, Travis McCoy, Young Cash, Tay Dizm – Every Girl In The World

This one is being called “the Nappy Boy All Stars remix”. I think the more appropriate term would be “the T-Pain and Travis McCoy remix”. I guess anything is better than the R.Kelly remix. I still can’t believe the dude who was caught on video pissing on a little girl thinks he should get on a song about fucking every girl in the world.

T-Pain ft. Travis McCoy, Young Cash, Tay Dizm – Every Girl In The World (Remix)


Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy – I’m Goin In (Untagged)

If you haven’t followed the evolution of this song, consider youself lucky, download this version, and be done with it. If you have, then you probably know there have been about 20 different versions of this with tags, no tags, new tags, new rappers, rappers removed, low quality, etc. Hopefully this will be the final version, and the only one you really need. Here is the untagged, HQ version of the song with Wayne, Drake, and Jeezy. If this song wasn’t so hard I wouldn’t give it this much attention, but check it out. Right from the rudeboy Weezy greeting, the song is the shit.

Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy – I’m Goin In |


New! Little Boots – "Remedy" and "Symmetry"

There aren’t too many female pop artists that I can really get into. Lykke Li is my number one, since she manages to balance straight up catchy pop gems with a Swedish weirdness that I’m drawn to. Close behind her is Little Boots. Little Boots goes a little bit heavier on the production, adding in layers of synths and creating some crazy audio effects with that weird little Japanese instrument she always seems to carry around. Thanks to Persona Sauna, you can check out a couple new leaks from Hands. Sound quality leaves something to be desired, but this will give you an idea of what to expect.

Little Boots – Remedy

Little Boots – Symmetry ft. Philip Oakley

Hands Track Listing:
1. New in Town
2. Earthquake
3. Stuck on Repeat
4. Click
5. Remedy
6. Meddle
7. Ghosts
8. Mathematics
9. Symmetry (feat. Philip Oakey of The Human League)
10. Tune into My Heart
11. Hearts Collide
12. No Brakes