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As you’ve probably noticed, Frank Ramz has also joined the P&P team.

Frank Ramz:
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I made this section when I was still ZShare and it included step-by-step instructions on how to avoid the 50 second wait. I just realized that these instructions have become obsolete.

As of now I’m using Usershare and downloading should be pretty intuitive. Just click the song title included in the post and it should take you to the download page. Here you can preview the song and if you like it you can press “download”.

I also include a YouSendIt link. This is limited to 100 downloads and the only reason I include it is to get picked up by other websites.

Usually the links are good for a couple of weeks. After that, many links get taken down or go dead. Usually songs go up here weeks or months before you’ll hear them on the radio or see them on TV. Once a song is on the radio, you can be pretty sure that the download links will be off most music blogs. So check back daily and stay ahead!



These posts are meant for the purpose of sampling music, discovering new music, and promoting artists. If you like it, support the artists and buy the album or mp3s. If you are an artist or represent an artist and you would like me to take anything down or put anything up, email me at:


About P&P

The Short Answer:

New music ranging from indie rock to mainstream hip-hop. Updated daily. Pigeons and Planes. Feel free to email any music, advertising inquiries, requests, ideas, questions, complaints, etc. to:

The Long Answer:

Before I even thought about starting a music blog, I would visit dozens of websites every day to find new music. It’s hard to keep up with music on the internet if you like more than one genre. There are a lot of hip-hop blogs out there, a lot of rock blogs out there, and a lot of pop blogs out there, but not many that can keep up with all of it, plus everything in between. Not saying I have it all, but I try to take it all in, put it through a filter, and give you the good and relevant music quickly. I like to think that if P&P was the only blog you ever went to for music, you wouldn’t be missing much. Unless you like country. Nothing against country, but I don’t follow it very closely.

I don’t give a fuck if a song is number 1 on Billboard or if it’s only been heard by one person and his/her mom. If it’s good music (and I won’t get sued for posting it) then I will post it. I will also post funny/entertaining videos from time to time to mix things up. And I am not by any means a professional writer, but I try to be honest and keep things interesting.

At the moment, I have one great contributor who helps keep P&P up to date. Frank Ramz is a great emcee/music lover (MySpace). I contacted him for help when I was away on a trip, and ended up asking him to stick around for a while because I loved what he brought to P&P.

The Name:

I get asked about this a lot. I usually just say “I just like the way it sounds” which is true, but there’s a little more to it. I knew that I would be posting music from opposite ends of the spectrum. I wanted to be able to post the newest rap song out, but I also wanted to be able to post some indie band that has never been heard. So I thought of two things that had something in common (flight), but were also very, very different. Pigeons And Planes came to mind, and I liked the way it sounded. Over time, it has taken on even more meaning.

Pigeons are the starving artists, surviving on leftovers off the street in a crazy world that doesn’t revolve around them. But they thrive, and when it’s time to make moves they take flight.

Planes are the mainstreamers. The commercialized, well oiled machines that serve millions. The brand names that we all recognize, and the behind-the-scenes action that few of us understand, though we all reap the benefits/pay the price.

So, that’s it. Pigeons and Planes.


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